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Welcome to the web site of Three Trees Ltd.  Our primary activity is the design and development of bespoke application software for the Microsoft Windows platform.  From analysis through to implementation and ongoing support, we offer to our clients a complete range of services, providing them with solutions that are tailored to their business requirements and seamlessly integrate within their existing IT environment.

We have been in the IT industry since 1991, and have designed and developed software for banks, government organizations, and other large enterprises that have stringent demands for quality, reliability, and maintainability.  We also understand the needs of small businesses and the constraints placed upon them (after all, we are a small business ourselves).  Whether your project is large or small, technically challenging or straightforward, we hope that our experience and professionalism can contribute to its success.  On this web site, you will find information about some of our current and past projects.

All the members of our core team are seasoned IT specialists whose technical skills, vast project lifecycle experience, and commitment to quality in all aspects of their work have always been much appreciated by our clients.  If and when necessary, we can supplement that core team with temporary staff, freelancers, or partners in order to put together a larger team for a particular project, under our full control and supervision.

We specialize in solutions based on the Microsoft .NET architecture, a set of products, technologies, and software tools that make it easier to develop, deploy, and maintain powerful business applications for either the Internet environment or the local, PC-based computing environment.

We would be happy to talk about your projects and your specific needs.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you feel that we could be of any assistance.


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