About us

Three Trees Ltd is a small software company based in Guiseley, West Yorkshire. The company was founded by Didier Clairet in 1991 and has since then provided software development and consultancy services to a wide variety of clients including, among others and in no particular order, Tesco, ASOS, River Island, KSS Retail (dunnhumby), My Parcel Delivery, DeCare Systems Ireland (now 8 West Consulting), Lex Autolease, Covéa Insurance, the BGL Group, and the Skipton Building Society.

We believe that the reasons for our continued success over that long period of time have been our adaptability to ever-changing technologies, our focus on quality and constant attention to detail, and a combination of technical knowledge and ability to understand, and sometimes anticipate, the business requirements of our clients.

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A view of Guiseley from the tower of St Oswald's church

Our founder: Didier Clairet

Didier Clairet

Didier is a Frenchman who has been living in England for many years.  At the end of 1984, he moved from France to join Unisys Europe-Africa Division.  At the Unisys European headquarters, Didier was initially a Technical Marketing Manager specialized on CTOS distributed systems, then a networking consultant and finally the manager of the Open Systems Group within the Systems & Technology Operations organization.  He eventually left Unisys and founded Three Trees Ltd in 1991.

It was only a short step from CTOS to Windows NT, and Didier started working on Microsoft's new platform in 1994.  Having developed expertise in the Unisys FBA Navigator software, he was actively involved in designing and implementing retail banking delivery solutions for a number of banks in various countries.

Today, Didier remains primarily a designer and developer of applications based on Microsoft systems, and has been particularly focusing on the .NET architecture since its launch at the end of 2000.

Testimonials from our clients

"Didier's experience and depth of knowledge have been a great asset to our project and his high productivity has been a key success factor. Didier is extremely conscientious and professional, as highlighted by his thorough analysis of our legacy platform to examine the code for edge-cases not covered in the official specification for the redevelopment of the system. This rigorous approach found a number of subtleties unknown to the business analysts and UX designers. The vast majority of contractors would be satisfied to solely focus on implementing the supplied specification, but Didier has really added value to our project, ensuring that he delivers the specified functionality as part of a thoroughly robust solution."

Systems Delivery Manager

"Didier worked with us on the development of a new website and significantly contributed to its success. Didier's vast experience, impressive range of technical skills and great attitude made him a pleasure to work with."

Project Manager

"Didier proved to be an excellent choice to initially undertake a task that wasn't very well defined but his expertise and insight pushed the project forward in a way that I did not expect ... thanks."

Software Development Manager

"Didier delivered excellent results, with high quality code and a low defect count. He can be relied upon to analyse the requirements and come up with innovative solutions to deliver on business requirements."

Program Manager